Brothers on a Rampage
We are here to make you rage! if you cant handle it rage quit. We know you want to!
We are here to make you rage! If you can't handle it, rage quit. We know you want to!
Words from the founders... 
We love playing Call Of Duty, hard to explain to a nongamer or noob the joy we get. 
FaTCaT & Maverick previously played for Reapers but left the clan due to some technical issues that they experienced with the clan. 
Brothers On A Rampage - B0AR was founded over a weekend in Mosselbay back in 2013.  It was decided that the new clan will be well managed and that the player will find a family with zero issues where they can play their game no matter what style they preferred, it just needs to be sweaty as hell. Yes, there are a few campers in the clan, there has to be one in every family! Don't be fooled, that will not stop the rest from rushing you into oblivion! 
After a few months, it became evident that the clan is a force to be reckoned with, we are open to all and any challenges and gameplays. Try us!!! 
With cross-play active for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, anyone from any platform can join the clan!
Call of Duty is a passion, in the year of 2020 our focus will be on Modern Warfare.

Multiplayer or Warzone its actively played by the clan.

There are no membership fees payable, but if you want to be a noob we will take your money.

Key focus this year will be to enhance the squad and move from pub stomping to competitive play.
Always been a big fan of gaming and IT for that matter, My first PC was a Commodore Plus/4, not many gamers would even start to comprehend what that was, been gaming since early 80' and 30 odd years down the line nothing much have changed.

Commander and Founder of B0AR.

Playing style: Multiverse slow and fast who knows.
Feel free to safe this image for your mobile background to support the squad.
One of the most competitive players you will meet, Brother and confidant. What you see is what you get guy, born and bread racehorse the size of a 10 story appartmeant block yet nimble as a racedriver, favourite weapon: Knife.

Co-Leader and Founder of B0AR.

Playing Style: Aggresive
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We are participating in the BFClan Wars, follow our progression and check in on some of the compitition.
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B0AR is always looking for new members. If you have what it takes, ping us and lets chat!
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